MargaretAnn’s Program

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MargaretAnn’s Program creates opportunities for children and teens grieving the death of someone close to them to engage in peer discussions, organized activities, and peer bonding.  Thanks to the generosity of individual and corporate donors, MargaretAnn's Program is free to all participants.

Children can develop lifelong coping skills and create a healthy and productive future for themselves, despite their tragedy.
Groups are led by trained volunteer facilitators who help provide a safe environment for children and teens to express themselves.  Participants are divided into the following age ranges:
·3-5 year olds
·6-9 year olds
·10-12 year olds
Because grief can often cause feelings of isolation, peer support in itself helps children in the grieving process.  Knowing they are not alone, "weird," or "crazy" for their thoughts and feelings helps children and teens cope in this strange new world that is missing someone they love.
Groups follow a curriculum based on Dr. Alan Wolfelt’s Reconciliation Needs of Grieving Children, focusing on:
·Accepting the reality of the death
·Feeling the feelings associated with the death with safe people and learning healthy coping skills
·Memory work
·Reinvesting in life
To become involved in the MargaretAnn’s Program, please contact us at:
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