At Family Services of Racine, we pair you with state-certified counselors who are experts in addressing your specific issue, including.

• Family Conflict
• Anger Management
• Anxiety
• Relationship Issues
• Depression
• Parenting Strategies
• Grief and Loss
• Coping Skills
• Self-esteem
• Bipolar Disorder
• Trauma and Abuse
• Separation and Divorce
• Schizophrenia
• Behavior Problems
• Workplace Stress


Starting in July of 2017, FSR will begin offering Outpatient Substance Abuse Counseling, offering up to 12 hours per week of individual and group counseling services to help clients address challenges surrounding alcohol and/or drug use.

Our Counselors

Liz Hanson Will, LCSW, Clinical Director

Amie Koehnlein, LPC-IT

Jessica Poteat, LPC-IT, SAC-IT

Kae Beecraft, LPC, CSAC

Amber Aussem, LPC-IT

Dr. Arun Parikh, MD, Addictionologist, Medical Director

Deb Danoski, CSAC, ICS


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