What to Expect from Counseling


People come in for counseling/therapy for a number of reasons. They may feel depressed, anxious, grief stricken, angry, over whelmed or just need someone to talk to about something in their lives. Sometimes schools, courts, or doctors send people in if they detect a need. However you decided to seek help it can be producing anxiety. Our staff is aware of that and will help to make it a good experience.

When you call in for an appointment either office staff or a therapist will help you set up a date and time. We can usually have your first appointment the same week you call. Your first appointment is called an “Intake” and involves filling out paperwork. This is important for the therapist to learn about your presenting concerns and mental health history. Next you’ll meet your therapist. He or she will find out from you why you decided to engage in counseling and what you would like to see happen as a result of it. The therapist looks for your strengths as well as problems to get a balanced perception of you. We know every human being has both problems and strengths. Your therapist does not judge you, but enters into a teamwork mentality to work with you. We are trained professionals and adhere to a code of ethics to help you through the process. Sometimes talking to friends and family isn’t enough they may tell you what to do where we work with you so you can decide what is best. We listen and pay attention to your wants and needs.

Each therapist has their own “style” of working with clients. We depend on you to let us know what works best for your style. The process may last a few weeks or several months depending on what the two of you decide. It truly can be a painless and enjoyable process. We always welcome new patients.